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Focus On...Durex?

Restrictions may have been lifted, but lockdown is still very much in full swing - and while there is much talk about a post covid-19 baby boom, many won't be ready to start (or extend) a family just yet. So today's blog post features a brand you may know very well: Durex.

This is our latest 'Focus On...' blog post, where we take a brand stocked here at Chemist.co.uk and talk about some of its products. The aim is to let you in on some of the Durex items you may want - or need - to get your hands on during lockdown. Read on...

About Durex

'We stand for real sex.' says Durex, over on its website. 'We want people to feel good about whatever they’re into. We believe in recognising the problems, and fighting to fix them. Sex that feels good - and does good.'

Launching in 1915 (yes, as far back as that), Durex has been the go to safe sex brand for many a couple over the years. The company has done a lot to promote not only safe, but comfortable lovemaking, launching its latex-free range of condoms in 1997. It also introduced its collection of Play Lubricants in 2003 - you can see a full timeline of the brand's history over here.

Let's take a look at some of the products available here on the site...

Durex Extra Safe Condoms - Pack of 3

Designed for those who want peace of mind in knowing that the condoms they're using are safe, the brand's Extra Safe condoms are comfortable, too. They're currently available in a three pack for just £1.79.

Durex Sensilube

Whether you're looking to spice things up during lockdown or simply reduce discomfort, Durex Sensilube lubricant is worth a look. Formulated to relieve discomfort, it provides instant relief to your intimate areas and will supplement your body's natural moisturiser. It's easy to apply too; feather-light and fragrance-free, it works discreetly to enhance your and your partner's pleasure.

Durex Play Cheeky Cherry

With a silky smooth feel on your skin and 'deliciously tasty without any added sugars', Durex Play lubricant in Cheeky Cherry can be applied directly to any area, for heightened sensitivity. Take pleasure to a whole new level and relieve intimate discomfort?whilst creating a sensual experience in the bedroom -?have a closer look here.

Durex Thin Feel Condoms - Pack of 12

With an 'easy-on-shape', these Durex condoms are designed to be more comfortable to wear. Transparent and lubricated, they're dermatologically tested for maximum assurance.

We hope our latest Focus On post has helped give you some inspiration in the bedroom department. Durex has plenty of advice via its website, when it comes to ensuring you can have enjoyable sex during lockdown specifically.

'Quarantine is hard, especially when you’re doing it without your partner. ' says the site. 'Couples live apart for a multitude of reasons, but nothing makes the reality any easier – whatever stage your relationship is in. However, time away from each other can truly enrich your relationship; this solitary period is a chance to reignite the spark. For those away from bae, see this pandemic as an important phase of discovery, an opportunity to tease out the kinks and stimulate a deeper understanding. It’s about using the experience to your advantage and focusing on your significant other without any distraction. Welcome the experience of getting to know your partner on a deeper level.'

Until next time...

Disclaimer:?If you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed in the products mentioned, do not consume them. Always check with your doctor before trying a new medication or regime, and if irritation or allergy occurs stop using the product or medication immediately.


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